Sunday, September 09, 2007


The kids were asleep at six fifty five tonight. Willingly. Yesterday we went to the farmer's market for tomatoes and the first kale of the season. I'm determined to get more greens into Ella's body, so I let her use a knife to finely chop the kale and saute it with garlic for dinner tonight. She also helped make a bumblebee pie, peach and blackberry. After the market we took the children scootering on the trail and then to the library. We dropped Ella off at her friend's house for her very first sleepover. After a few weeks of negotiating all the new faces and new rules of kindergarden I think she really enjoyed returning to the comfortable familiarity of her best alphagirl. They stayed up late, but apparently not too late. This morning they went to the Unitarian Church, something we have been planning to do for a while. She saw a friend from her kindergarden class, as well as some other's from preschool, so perhaps we can start going there more regularly.

I picked her up this morning and took both children to the natural foods market for tofu, organic oats, and tempeh. I hesitate to take both of them there because they have child sized shopping carts, and have you ever seen a two year old piloting one of those things down narrow crowded aisles? I alternate putting items in his and her car and then try to instill in them a sense of duty about getting to the cashier calmly. Along the way we gathered some little juice boxes and dried vegetables should we reach the car with decorum intact. All was well until Ella tried to divide the snacks in a numerically even fashion, and he lost patience.

John was home all weekend for the first time since our vacation, and he was feeling domestic. That or just afraid of all the spiders trying to set up housekeeping in our house. He vacuumed the whole place while I was out getting Ella, and every bit of laundry is washed, dried, and put
away. Ella has her first ballet class tomorrow evening. Lunches are packed.

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