Wednesday, September 26, 2007

a group of butterflies is called a flutter

So one day I'll start talking about Ella's school more. I think I have to name it and it just hasn't come to. I want to do it justice. Today Ella joined some other children at their "work" on the playgound. They work for a tree.

Yesterday I pulled into the parking lot as Ella's class was filing out the front door. The monarch had emerged from his chrysalis at snacktime and was taken outside. They read a book about butterfly metamorphosis and then went back inside. Back outside an hour later, they saw the butterfly emerge from the butterfly house, spread it's wings, and fly as the children shouted their best wishes for a safe journey.

I know that it is hard to be five, but don't you just wish for a moment that you could work for a tree, study rainbows all morning, and have science unfold itself in front of you like the wet wings of a butterfly.


Rosie said...

I always liked a "murder" of crows.

Thanks so much for reading me. And tell your mom I said hi!

Sarah Mitchell said...

I really miss the Red Room! Owen said the other day that he used to feel like he was carrying a feather when he went to the New School but that now he feels like he's carrying a load of bricks. (Or something like that - I wish I had written it down!)