Monday, July 27, 2015

roaring run

I haven't had time to take a breath lately. Every time I turn around the dishes are piled high and there are bags of wet towels that have been sitting for too long. It hit me this week that we don't have much time before school starts, so we had lots of lake days and ice cream.  We went on a grand hike with friends at Roaring Run. John was the oldest kid along, and he kept trying to sneak into the fast moving water. My friend Anne took some pictures of the kids. It was a gorgeous hot day, and the kids picked wineberries and put their feet in the icy cold creek. Ruby stripped down to her underwear and got in a pool until her head hurt from the cold.

Sunday, July 05, 2015

west virginia

We just spent a week in Pocohontas County, West Virginia in a log and stone CCC cabin at Watoga State Park.  It is so off the beaten path that there is no cell service and no internet. The woods were full of blooming rhododendron, and we hiked a cranberry bog, and a gorgeous series of waterfalls. This is Ella at the Cranberry Glade.