Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Three weeks old today

Three weeks old today, originally uploaded by sbprovo.

Sally & Ella

Sally & Ella, originally uploaded by styro.

Ed, Pat and Little John

Ed, Pat and John John, originally uploaded by styro.

daddy and john

daddy and john, originally uploaded by sbprovo.

Rock a bye baby with a bear on his bottom. E likes to shriek in pretend fear, "There is a bear on my brother's bottom."

First shoes

First shoes, originally uploaded by sbprovo.

JP models his first shoes.

Uncle John

uncle john, originally uploaded by sbprovo.

I had to post this because my brother fears that he will appear on the internet snuggling a baby, so here it goes. This is John Butler of Farmville, Virginia. Babies like him and he just doesn't know why.

Napping with Papa

Napping with Papa, originally uploaded by sbprovo.

Little John encourages everyone to just lie down and take a little nap. Maybe it is that new baby smell.

Ella takes her Brother on the Road

Friday, August 26, 2005

Sweet Feet

Sweet Feet, originally uploaded by sbprovo.

Here is where Ella's adventures begin

blue butterflies and swarms of goldfinches

On the Road

On the Road, originally uploaded by sbprovo.

Ella and John took a morning hike.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Click on it!

"Click on it" is Ella's answer to all computer woes. She just wishes she was more adept at letters so she could type in by herself. That would just set her free. She recently found the colonial williamsburg site for kids and now wants her own corset. Well, Christmas is coming.

In case you don't know, click on a picture in the blog to get to my Flickr photos. I'm going to try to put all my pictures there and get them organized somehow. The move to digital is dangerous in that the pictures seem to exist in this netherworld. Since John was born I got out all of Ella's albums and realized that I hadn't put a single picture in a book since her last birthday. One of my first trips out of the house with the baby was to Target to get two nice scrapbooks for them and to print a hundred photos off of my camera that I've been saving since last November. J also fixed our printer that has been down for, oh, a year. E has been printing pages from Seven Little Monsters to color. We'll never have to buy a coloring book again.

After the bath

After the bath, originally uploaded by sbprovo.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

I'm two weeks old today

I'm two weeks old today, originally uploaded by sbprovo.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Dr Samples

Every little kid in Dublin was at the pediatrician today getting their last minute health certificates for school. JBP has gained four oz since last week and his bones are healing. He got his blood drawn from his big toe, and it hurt Ella more than it hurt him. His red blood count was a little elevated, and that is why he is so pink and has a tendency towards bluish feet and hands. The doctor said that it is fine and will slowly diminish over time. I think we can safely transfer him to a more local pediatrician now for his one month check-up.

Ella went to Hand in Hand this afternoon and is so tired right now. J is giving her a bath and we are hoping for the seven-thirty bedtime tonight. She requested candlelight at dinner tonight, that and "Jerry" (Seinfield). Tomorrow we are starting to eat at the table every night.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Ella and John

Ella and John, originally uploaded by sbprovo.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Date Night

For those of you who know that I've seen one movie in the theatre this year and haven't slept through the night since 2001, you will be surprised to know that I went on a date last night. With my husband. We went out and painted at one of those girlie pottery painting places and had dinner at an indian place. We painted a big long platter of fruits, vegetables, and dragonflies. J was quite afraid of the painting and said that he hadn't done an art project since middle school. This is just not true because every year I get a three foot tall homemade Valentine complete with poems, cut out hearts and red glitter glue. We were inspired (somewhat, I hope) by little John's first vist to the farmer's market yesterday and a swarm of dragonflies in the pasture across from our house.

Speaking of my one movie this year, we got a great baby gift from Uncle Joe and Aunt Ren, a year of Netflix to keep this date night thing going as the little ones snooze away. J is such a moviegoer, and has been known to go to more than one movie in a day. We were pretty spoiled in Portland by the number of moviehouses we could visit without even getting in the car. Now we can just walk to the mailbox. Thanks guys.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Roanoke Star

Roanoke Star, originally uploaded by sbprovo.

Not a diet for the weak

I lost 27 pounds this week and gained several bra sizes. Why am I not a supermodel?

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Wake Up Time

Everything's A OK, originally uploaded by sbprovo.

John isn't so interested in Sesame Street.

Peaceful Morning

Peaceful Morning, originally uploaded by sbprovo.

I can't believe it is seven thirty.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Stalking the House

We went to see a house in Christiansburg yesterday, and the only problem with it was that it was in Christiansburg.

Otherwise it was perfect. It had three bedrooms upstairs and a tiled bath with a clawfoot tub. Down stairs there is a living room, dining room, library, and bedroom/playroom/ family room, plus another nice full bath. The kithen and baths were newly renovated--stainless fridge and gas stove, cast iron sink, nice tiles and beautiful cabinetry and fixtures. The fixtures suited the 1915 house, and the floors were beautiful wood. It had a big backyard with a deck, and a front porch with a swing. John could have had the library with it's floor to ceiling bookcases and little passway for coffee from the kitchen. The house actually looked better than these pictures because it is empty now. It would need no work at all---perhaps removal of some wallpaper borders upstairs.

The street itself was nice, but there are no sidewalks and there is nothing to walk to. Zero in the neighborhood amenities department. I think you could walk to Main street in Cburg to buy a gun or get some pork products and Cheerwine soda at Wades. We just couldn't make that kind of call on the spot, but we are excited about the prospect of moving into a new house in the next six months. We can learn to tile and refinish ourselves. Hello Home Depot. We are back to square one--farm in Floyd or in town Blacksburg. Well, call it square two. We added close in areas of Giles County and Craig County down 460 west towards West Virginia. We have to move somewhere because our pipes are playing the alien organ in the middle of the night.


Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Six days old

Six days old, originally uploaded by sbprovo.

I can sleep while doing a russian dance.


Naptime, originally uploaded by sbprovo.

At 3:30 in the morning mamma gave in and gave me a paci. I love it. She won't drink diet coke at dinner again.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Pediatrician Today

JBP had his first office vist this morning, and apparently he is shrinking on schedule. He is 10 pounds 2 oz and 20 3/4 inches today. Most babies lose 10% of their body weight in the first week and then climb from there. E lost more than a pound in her first week. He was pronounced beautiful by his pediatrician.

He had no jaundice, although they thought he had a mild case on the way out of the hospital. His bruised arms and fingers are almost resolved.The doctor checked his broken clavicle and four ribs and reassured us about them. He doesn't seem to be in any pain from those. His lungs are fine after his 24 hours of oxygen in the hospital. He spent a day under a cake plate in a room by himself when the pediatrician that saw him on his first morning thought that he may have had a collapsed lung because of the trauma of the four broken ribs. The nurses that took care of him there were incredibly sweet and kind. They got me a pump almost instantly so that he could continue his breastfeeding, and he was drinking out of a little cup. Down south is still a bit of a mystery for me. He has a Level 1 hypospadius---his little hole for peeing is about half an inch lower than normal. Just after his birth they couldn't find it at all which was a little distressing, but as you know, he is peeing all over anyone that is brave enough to change a diaper. He didn't get circumsized because this might need surgery around age 1 to correct the hypospadius and the way that his penis curves to one side, so he is going au naturale.

Ella walked (and rode piggyback) all the way downtown for an outing with J. They did their usual library to Bolos circuit and then then went to the elementary school playground. They called for a ride and we went out to the Lebanese place for dinner. E was almost too tired to eat and she has another blister from her flipper floppers. J didn't know they wouldn't work for a long walk.

My children, whoa, I have two, are in bed and I'm having a beer. Thanks Anne and Rich for the Black Jack Porter from Floyd Fest in the fridge. Best beer I've had all year! Cheers!

Saturday, August 13, 2005

He's home!

I'm so happy he peed on my head!

Ella's first real diaper. Mamma doesn't really know about the boys, and the pee arcs into the air and onto Ella's head. She laughs uncontrollably saying, "I'm so glad he did that because he really must have had to go. " She calmly wipes her head with a baby wipe.

Friday, August 12, 2005

More pictures...

E. says baby J. is huge-mungous.


Thursday, August 11, 2005

Guest blogger J. with news!

John Butler Provo
August 10, 2005
10:58 Pm
10 bs lbs, 11 oz
21.6 inches

A lot of work by young J. and S., but both are doing fine.


Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Off to the Hospital

12:12 am. Off to the hospital at this slightly ungodly hour.

Monday, August 08, 2005


I've been having contractions for about four hours. I'm not running around packing anything, but Ella made her move as well the day before her scheduled induction.

Sunday, August 07, 2005


I think I'm just making everyone antsy at this point. We went grocery shopping today, and John took E on a hike this afternoon on an old farm that is now a park. Hopefully she sleeps tonight. Last night she was up for almost an hour crying but couldn't really communicate what she wanted. Water. Banana. Turn off air. Lullaby. Blow nose. The Planet Sleeps lullaby CD finally did the trick.

I have no ankles, and my toes are sausagey.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Four Days or Less

We went to Stepping Out, our town's summer festival last night. It was hot, but we went late and walked around and looked at the craft vendors. There was some cool pottery. We had some dinner from Gillie's on the lawn and talked to Kathryn and her girls. Some kids were nice enough to give Ella some balloons, and she got together with a small pack to run and play in the grass behind the main stage. I am trying to find humor in the fact that there is no comfortable position. I've been thinking that this is the first time in my life that I would like to have a recliner chair, a portable one.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Am I in the Wrong Line?

I have met some very nice women here in Appalachia. I must insert a quick story I heard from one of these nice women this morning. We were talking about what a small town we live in and she said that she hit a deer on MAIN STREET last year.

Anyway, I'm obviously on some sort of mamma circuit...ballet, kindermusik, playgrounds, Kroger, Swim lessons, etc. I have lived here less than a year, and people, more often than not, say "Do I know you from Bible study?" No, I have not been studying that since the early eighties. Pretty much given it up entirely. Maybe my new glasses are screaming bible study 1958. Aren't there any heathens here? We have the best of intentions to start going to the Unitarian Church, and E's new preschool is at the Unitarian Church; we don't feel like we need to go to Church, but we thought the UU's would be a good source of thoughtful intelligent heathens.

Every doctor's office I go into seems to have a bible in the waiting room, and there was Christian rock playing at the dermatologist's office. That is spooky. I did hear some of the Jesus moms talking about consulting this dermatologist at Bible studay about hypoallergenic sunscreen for kids. Maybe this is part of the Bush health care medical advice at bible study groups.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Three Year Old Bus Stop

When E wants some attention from John she goes and stands on her bed and calls out that she is waiting at the three year old bus stop. He is to run in there and pick up her, either on his back or "like a sack of potatoes". The sack of potatoes request is usually at bedtime.

I use her like a magic eight ball all the time. I ask her daily if the baby will be born that day. She has had several good answers. Her number one answer is, " No". Sometimes she says, "I know because I'm down with him" Her most mature answer is, " I can't tell you because he'll be born when he is ready." This morning she said he would be here at "6:20 of the longest day." Consider that nine months ago we were driving north on route 15 and Ella said, "Did you know that there is a baby in your belly?". No, I did not know.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Noodle Noodle

Noodle Noodle, originally uploaded by sbprovo.

E decided that she just wasn't diving in today after great success with the noodle. Maybe tomorrow she'll try with the "Goo Goo Goggles".

Last OB appointment

I am 1.5 centimeters dialated and baby John's head is "engaged". I had a quick ultrasound just to be 100% sure that he was head down, and I got to see his chubby little face. I have an appointment at the hospital at 1 am on tuesday morning if nothing happens before then. I'm so excited. He could still very well wait until next week and be induced, but the doctor said he felt good about the induction working.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Tuesday again

After having contractions for a few days, it seems to have stopped. Next week would probably be better than this week. No one has to rush here to take care of Ella. Grandmarie is coming for the weekend, and Granny is coming on tuesday.

John and Ella just went to EATS to get healthy snacks for the hospital. For those of you who don't know, my husband likes to eat during times of stress. I just hope he doesn't get anything stinky. Anne Giffen "catered" Ella's birth, arriving at the hospital with a large bag from Trader Joes. I think there was even cake. I had the ice chips. Fabulous.

Ella has been very good today. She didn't want to leave the pool after swimming, but she sat on her towel and had snacks until she realized that it was really hot. We read five books after lunch and then took a nap for a few hours (Miracle!). This afternoon she set up the Fisher Price farm and the dollhouse together on the living room rug an played for a long time. I know it will be a long evening though since we aren't even having dinner until seven.

Monday, August 01, 2005

You Know...

You know you live in a small town when the bagger at the grocery store offers to drive you home. You know you are too pregnant when the bagger at the grocery store offers to drive you home. Drive, I can drive. I'm going to go home and mop. I just went to swimming lessons with a three year old.

Ten Days or Less

I realized that at this point in my previous pregnancy that Ella was going to be inside for 31 more days. That just wouldn't work here. Today marks 37 weeks (full term today!) and E was born at 41 weeks, 1 day. She had been served her eviction papers and would have been induced the next day. HHmmm. How much more could she have weighed?

I had contractions all weekend, but nothing that progressed or changed. John was having one of those stress colds....sudden armpit pain when I thought my water broke yesterday morning. He had to take a nap and fret over the uncut grass. The sun came out later and that grass did get cut. He keeps wailing, "but I need another week". He might get the week, he might not.

Every piece of clothes not on our bodies is clean. The fridge is clean. John was asking Ella if she had any questions or worries about baby John coming home. Her question...."What are his television priviledges?"