Monday, October 31, 2005

Trick or Treat

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I'm a bee

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Mr Smiley

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Don't let me slip off of this pumpkin

Halloween 2005

Halloween 2005, originally uploaded by sbprovo.

Happy Halloween

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Fight the power!

Fight the power!, originally uploaded by sbprovo.

Little Man

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When I wish upon a star....

"This is the first wish I wished when I was standing here in front of the mirror and my eyelid fell off, so I wish on my star, uh, my eyelid and what I want is a pony. "

Ella 3:04 pm

Barbie from Hell

Barbie is an insipid woman I would not be friends with if she walked out of the playhouse. I was so sad when Ella met her at the DISNEY princess birthday party she went to last week. Don't forget to say "disney", the little girls said. I was so happy when E wanted to wear her real dress up dress instead of the one DISNEY princess get up that she received for her birthday. I did tuck it in a little bag in case she wanted it later when she saw that all the other little girls had tattooed DISNEY across their foreheads.

So, she cried these big tears and wondered why she didn't have an Ariel Barbie. She hasn't mentioned it since, and I have found that their are many similar dolls for pretend play without the big boobies and the oddly shaped feet.

For the record, I like princesses. I like dolls. I just don't like Barbie. Did a Barbie ever climb Mt St Helens in a jogging stroller? Did a Barbie ever stand under the world's largest Sitka spruce tree? And did she ever see twin baby Grizzley Bears or drive across the whole United States at the age of two without a single potty accident? Well. Ella did, and hopefully her adventures will be even more exciting than any trip to the Dreamhouse could ever be.

Ok, it is Halloween, and I have but one true goal. No vomitting.

Back to the Burg

We are back after a long weekend in Richmond. (And J in Kansas City) I visited the Gallos, the girlie half of the Todds, and Cait and the handy and handsome Allen. I talked so much that day that my throat hurt. Ella climbed trees, hauled gravel, baked cookies and ate mussels at her Grandmarie's house. She played a lot of "store" and worked on her alphabet, and then she got her first earache.

I feel rested but have so much to do here that I just want to crawl back in bed with the still sleeping baby. J took E to school this morning, but he'll be back in an hour and need a ride to work.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Good friends

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Wednesday, October 26, 2005


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Holding On

Kansas City

John is off and flying. I took him to Roanoke this morning to head out to a planning conference in Kansas City until sunday. Late last night our house started to systematically break down, starting with the phone. It was sort of spooky. We didn't have heat or hot water, and the lights were doing a sort of brown out. The dryer ran, but not the timer or the heating element. Now, imagine my last minute packer doing load after load of laundry. At eleven he snuck into an apartment laundry room near his office to finish drying the clothes he had to take to the conference. Did I mention that the stove wasn't working. We changed all the fuses to no avail and pressed the restart button on the furnace. Nothing. John took a bath this morning in a bowl of water he heated in the microwave. I slept with both kids, one on each side, to keep them warm. We had microwave oatmeal for breakfast, and hopefully Ella didn't tell her class that we didn't have basic utilities. Things were up and running by the time I got back from Roanoke. I must mention that John threw up in the car while driving. Hopefully all the bad juju has realligned itself elsewhere and we can have a good weekend. The only thing keeping me in Blacksburg is Sophie's forth birthday party at four this afternoon. It is a "drop off party"---I can leave her for two hours. Her folks seem like good people, and I'm sure they just don't want a bunch of parents around to feed and entertain, but I've never left her at a friend's house. We are packing up and heading to Richmond tomorrow, but for now the heat is pumping like it didn't cost 2 dollars and eighty cents a gallon and all is well.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Do sweatervests run in the family?

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Girl in the Bubble

Girl in the Bubble, originally uploaded by sbprovo.

Growing and Growing

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sister and brother

sister and brother, originally uploaded by sbprovo.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Swinging and Sleeping

Swinging and Sleeping, originally uploaded by sbprovo.

I finally took a few pictures today with my new camera, so I feel like I have my arm back. We are headed to Fredricksburg until sunday for John's twentieth high school reunion.

Here's a thought!

or... .

This is about twenty minutes away in Radford.

Oh mercy, I'm covered in spiders

Oh mercy, I'm covered in spiders, originally uploaded by sbprovo.

These are from last year--what a wild ride from three to four. My new camera is ready to take pictures today. This year Ella is going to be a fairy for Halloween and John is going to be a bee.

Spider Hands

Spider Hands, originally uploaded by sbprovo.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Sixteen Pounds, 5 oz

John had his second visit to Dr. Tsui today. I couldn't believe that he was sixteen pounds, 5 oz and 25 inches long. He got his four shots but calmed down quickly and didn't seem to hold a grudge. I can tell his legs are hurting this afternoon, and I'm about to go out for the baby Tylenol. He is crying almost all the time that he is awake.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Fall Weekend

Saturday was a downtown day--the Farmer's Market and then lunch at Gillies. I walked to the library while E ran up and down a hill and checked out the jazz show. The wind was really blowing so we dropped by the house to get our kite and went to the playground. We headed back home again, and the baby went with me to the Asian market and the grocery store.

On sunday we went to Sinkland Farm to the pumpkin festival. It was chilly and clear, and Ella didn't want to leave. She and J did the corn maze--and she understood the concept and her map. She rode a little four year old brown pony named little B and petted sheep, goats, baby pigs, a horse, and a bull with wide horns and a ring in his nose. It was absolute agony to be in a pumpkin patch with two kids and no camera. Back at home we planted chrysanthemums and built a scarecrow lady in a fifties housedress with a pumpkin head. Ella was asleep by seven thirty.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Show and Tell is on Friday

We forgot to take a show and tell to school today. When I picked up E her teacher told me about Ella's decision that she could "tell" instead of "show". She went to the front and said, "My mama wanted to buy a house in this neighborhood, but the man told her she didn't have enough money."

Day of the Week Underpants

In general I know what day it is because Ella goes to preschool on monday, wednesday, and friday. Somehow, I thought today was wednesday until Ella requested her day of the week underpants and I saw friday, saturday, and sunday in the underpants drawer. is friday.

Thursday, October 13, 2005


I had one of those motherhood moments today. Ella was determined to eat a raw brussel sprout even though I had told her not too. She ran out of the room and then ran back with a panicked look on her face. She threw up into my hands.

cameras, heating oil, and glitter removal

These are my domestic tasks today. I bought a digital camera a few minutes ago, the Canon SD 300 Elph, after reading days worth of reviews. I had a lengthy flirtation with the Nikon Coolpix, but I read in one review that it was mediocre for baby pictures. I was always so happy with the SD 100 until it's untimely death, so hopefully they have really corrected the lense glitch. It has 4 megapixels, and although everyone seems to be up to about 6MP for the family snapshots, I was always happy with 3.2. I saw a scary picture of every pore on my face recently taken on a 6 mp camera.

In the afterglow of Ella's birthday party, much of the house is covered in glitter. She secretly opened a small bag of fairy dust and sprinkled her room "for good luck". There is even glitter stuck to the baby's head, and I found some glittery bread on top of the fridge. She has continued some of the art projects from the party here at home, and has added glitter and sequins to her fairy wings.

OK, the heating oil is ordered. Hopefully everyone in the family is ready for wearing socks 24/7 because I'm counting on six hundred dollars worth of oil to last until february. Ella is ready with the footie pajamas, and strangely enough she is seldom cold.

My throat is killing me and my fingers are aching. I'd do just about anything for Ella to take a nap.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

fairy games

fairy games, originally uploaded by sbprovo.

Baby John's favorite paci

Baby John's favorite paci, originally uploaded by sbprovo.

birthday fairy

birthday fairy, originally uploaded by sbprovo.

birthday wings

birthday wings, originally uploaded by sbprovo.

ella and daddy at the birthday party

Monday, October 10, 2005

Lady Elaine, Lady Elaine

Ella's birthday party was a big success. I took three rolls of film, but, alas, no digital. All the fairies seemed to have a wonderful time. J's puppet show was a the hit of the party, and all the kids got to line up and have their moment on stage. I'll write more about the party later when I can add some photos.

The Glade Road saga ended this morning. The guy was willing to go for our offer, but only if we wanted to close soon. We wanted something in the New Year, so we had to let it go.

Thursday, October 06, 2005


Our first offer on a house was rejected instantly. Tomorrow is another day, and we have a new offer!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Photo Courtesy of the Palm Pilot...weep for the Elph

Glade Road House..with Ella, originally uploaded by sbprovo.

This is the house that is withing walking distance of Ella's school, John's work, the grocery store, coffeshop, etc. Click this picture to see the interior. It has a big deck out back and a big fenced in yard.

Monday, October 03, 2005


Morning, originally uploaded by sbprovo.

This may be my last photo for a few days. Now the screen says E 25. I think that means "Gothcha".

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Sleepy day

Sleepy day, originally uploaded by sbprovo.

Just camera testing for the most part. Ella had her first phone call from a friend at school tonight. She was so excited. "Sha Sha called me. With the telephone." He was saying that he would come to her birthday party, and she was telling him to check his mailbox because she had mailed him an invitation.

Whacked It

Googling E18 led to hours of reading about the Canon problem. Finally I saw a link that said I FIXED IT and read that this guy was about to toss the camera when he read to turn it on and whack it two times with your palm next to the USB port. It worked for him. It worked for me. I won't trust this camera on a vacation or special event without a backup, but we are back in the baby picture business for now.

Digital Recommendations

Please recommend a new digital camera. I would like it to have SD memory since I have a nice big card. Comment here please. How often do these things die? The Elph was in its third year.

Canon Self Destruct Mode E18

Digital death has struck. I feel like I lost my arm. All the troubleshooting ideas are not working. The camera just goes beep, beep, beep, and the screen says E18. The lens is stuck in the open position. I read online that this is Canon's way of saying, "Do not pass go, pass us $150.00". How long can I live without a digital camera?

Saturday, October 01, 2005

October Walk

We walked to town this morning to the Farmer's Market. It is a gorgeous day, only hot if you push a double stroller loaded with kids, vegetables, and library books. We bought apples, tomatoes, collards, and a tiny watermelon. Lunch as Gillie's was less Moosewood 1972 than usual, or perhaps we were just in the Moosewood 72 mood. I had the roasted tofu with vegetables. Ella had blueberry pancakes which rendered her speechless. While she was eating two huge pancakes she was talking about going to Bollo's to get a blueberry muffin. Didn't happen. J is off to school for a while and E is napping.