Monday, September 17, 2007


Back in early spring John and I got out some notebook paper and sketched out all the things we wanted to do during the summer. The budget was pretty tight, so we choose some camping and some music festivals in our area. This past weekend was our last festival of the summer, and it was a really nice way to launch us into fall. We went to the Bristol Rhythm and Roots Reunion in Bristol, Virginia. Well, one side of the main street is in Virginia and the other side is in Tennessee. Anyhow, this past weekend State Street was well loaded with bluegrass and old time bands, cowboy boots, and hipster north carolina boys. I don't know if they were really from north carolina, in my mind they were, with their artfully messy hair and carefully selected green t-shirts. Finally, I saw the Everybodyfields... Outside at sunset with thousands of bats swirling in the sky like an undulating bat roller coaster. It was fantastic even with a thirty pound man strapped to my chest.

We had a tremendously cheap hotel room, so cheap that the nonsmoking room smelled like a dancehall, but we had loads of fun.

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