Wednesday, September 12, 2007

late night cooking

I need some new lunch inspirations for lunch boxes around here. Maybe I'll go back to scouring the archives of Vegan Lunchbox. Tonight I cooked some spinach tortellini and made hummus with smoked paprika, roasted cumin, and parsely.

Ella has had a hard time with the long days at school lately and doesn't want me to leave her. She also wants me to pick her up the instant that school is over. They usually have a half hour to play outside, but she has been afraid of this afterschool play time. When we are carpooling our neighbors pick her up at three thirty some days and four o'clock two days a week, and she has been having a hard time with that. For the past two days I've been going to school and staying with her while she plays. They have adequate supervision and most of her class is there. She is contemplating dropping out or going back to preschool. All because she misses me. After two years as the big bossy preschooler she is little again.

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