Thursday, September 13, 2007

because I need you all the time

It isn't as bad as Juniper. Ella skipped into preschool and never looked back, and I think that is what makes her fears of kindergarden harder to work through. I think that she misses the kindness of preschool.

In the evening when she is tired she starts talking about how scared she is at school. Apparently she is scared every minute that I am not there, but then again I know that she is often playing and working happily.

On my first day of kindergarden I caught the bus, but no one ever told me that I was going to get off of this bus at the big school and take another bus to the smaller kindergarden and first grade annex. I thought that I was being kidnapped, and that I would never get home again. I was wearing a navy blue and red plaid dress with an itchy lace collar. I wonder how many days it took me to realize that I was safe

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