Tuesday, September 04, 2007

sticks and stones

Ella has gotten some flat stones and written on them with a brown sharpie. They are for the "future people". They include all of our names and phone number as well as some drawings meant to depict the evolution of man from the apes. Information for the future people in case they have not figured this out. Later, she had to rehide these stones in our yard because she was afraid some of the neighbors might find our phone number. Top secret.

She would also like to make some lists about "what people are really like, what people really are instead of just what we already know."

Recently John picked up a copy of "Little Big Minds, Sharing Philospophy with Kids" by Marietta McCarty. From the back of the book, "Children are no strangers to cruelty and courage, to love and to loss, and in the unique book, teacher and educational consultant Marietta McCarty reveals that they are, in fact, natural philosophers. Drawing on a program that she has honed in schools around the country over the last fifteen years, Little Big Minds guides parents and educators in introducing philosophy to K-8 children in order to develop their critical thinking, deepne their appreciation for others, and brace themselves for the philosophical quandries that lurk in all of our lives, whether we are young or old."

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Rosie said...

Awwww...I love it that she's left things to help out the "future people". They need all the help we can give them!