Wednesday, August 01, 2007


poet::tree, originally uploaded by ellajohn.
We spent three nights camping in Floyd at their annual festival, and the pictures tell most of the tale. It is stunningly gorgeous up there, the music was great, the children had an amazing time. John cried when we took the tent down. Mama and daddy, on the other hand, seldom sleep on the a tent..with people talking all around...and bands playing all around...and drumming that ends after three am. John's air mattress gave up the ghost on the first night and spent the rest of the festival sleeping on my yoga mat covered with a sheet. (His back feels so much better) We had given up the big double stroller. We have a Scion XB, and we packed it to its limit. I should have driven home for the stroller because all my bones are still aching from the hauling. We have our list of how to do it better next year, and of course it means more gear, a folding picnic table and a screened shelter.
Ella had friend's everywhere. My Flickr looks like we went to a hula hooping convention. It is amazing that she remembered so many people from last year. She talked to the same two little girls under the poet tree last year. She was a trouper in the shower, a hose coming out of a cold Floyd county well. Actually she was thrilled that we were only taking one shower in four days. I've just got to give a shout out for Kiss My Face Liquid Rock deodorant. It comes in lavender and peaceful pachouli, and it will keep you fresh for four days amid some pretty stinky hot dancing folks.
We are already excited about next year. We are headed out soon on a much more peaceful camp out at the Breaks Interstate Park. No drum circle. Just crickets.
We enjoyed completly breaking out of our routine, our comfort zone. For all the excitement, I loved having lunch in our tent in the rain, the four of us sitting in a circle around a lantern eating tempeh reubens and strange pickley potato salad.

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