Friday, August 24, 2007

Co-Op For Littles

Here is the newspaper article about the cooperative preschool I've been involved in since last winter. I think the article leaves out a lot of pertinent information, and next time I'd like to hand him a press release. He seemed to grasp at the concept of an organic classroom, mentioned Waldorf when he was asked not to, and never mentioned that our group "hired" a lead teacher because of her qualifications and experience. The assistant teacher also has experience in several cooperative preschools. Somehow the article makes us sound like a bunch of mamas circling some wagons and starting a school...which might not be a bad idea, but he could have mentioned that some of the parents starting the school are educators. Me, I'm the director of sewing projects and in charge of researching natural toys on the internet. I'm working against Sponge Bob and the powers that be. I'm fighting the Chinese toy makers and cheap plastic in general. When my money tree starts to bear fruit, I'd love to buy an old farm and build a school that is also a working farm, a school that could integrate a natural, handmade environment with a progressive academic stance. Sustainable school. A chicken in every cubby.

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