Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Breaks

We arrived home last night after a week in the Breaks Interstate Park on the border of Virginia and Kentucky. We were car camping within sight of showers and a playground, so it wasn't really roughing it. That is, until nightfall when the padding of large feet around our tent had me unable to sleep. I heard the ranger say, "We got some bear up here. Don't worry. They just want your food". Only he said, "bear" like "burr". Burr. Then I started thinking how a bear might like to eat my tender little morsels of children.

I love to cook over the open fire and sit around the campfire at night. As far as Ella was concerned she was camping at the playground. She and her daddy played UNO on one of the stone overlooks. We went to the pool and took Ella horseback riding.

I must confess we bailed on the last night. After dark a roaring wind came up the gorge. There was a thunderstorm in the distance, and the wind was blowing small limbs out of the trees. We tried to ride it out in the car for a while and then went back to the tent. Debris was still coming down, and Ella thought that the dead tree in our campsite was going to fall down. Daddy wanted to stay and we were trying to convince her that this just wasn't going to happen. The wind is roaring and she is yelling, "You people are crazy. Dead trees fall down all the time.". We went to the motel down the moutain and slept. The thunderstorm came through. The dead tree did not fall down, and I slept in a rickety old bed with my two babies knowing that the burr was not going to get us that night.

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jape said...

Now in all fairness I don't think her line was about the dead tree. She was pretty sure they all could come down.