Saturday, August 11, 2007

clogging on main street

street dance, originally uploaded by ellajohn.

She'll dance on the sidewalk, but if you are about ninety years old and ask this little one dance, she'll clam up and pretend that she can't even walk. Some amazing dancers, grandfathers and great grandfathers, tried to clear the way for her to dance on the board tonight, but she was too shy.

We drove down to Galax this morning for the Old Fiddler's Convention. We stayed for the Folk Song competition, the Flatfooting competition, and the Bluegrass Band Competition. I'm sure the Old Time Band competition is still going on as I type, but we'd been sitting on concrete bleachers for much of the day. We took some great strolls in the parking area to see even more bands and dancing. I love that eighty year old men were telling me where to catch a hot set. It seems that all the grandaddys have a thing for Martha Spencer of The Whitetop Mountain Band.

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