Tuesday, April 25, 2006

little tiny elephants

So the boy is eight and a half months old. I never bought a bumper for the crib after I read all this stuff about SIDS and bumpers, and then John started getting his thick rolls of leg caught in the crib rails. I had to keep checking him to make sure his crying wasn't because he was trapped--not just trying to snuggle with mama. I went to Target and TJMax thinking that I'd get some plain little bumper, white or blue, for, eh, twenty bucks. Not available. Everything is a set, and if it isn't a set it is covered in insipid little animals.

There was one mod baby set at Target that I loved--palest green with little white elephants, so I bought it--bumper, duvet, and sheet all together. Now I almost wish I had a nursery. I suppose I do, it just has two children in it. E and I have a canvas, and we are going to have her paint the pale green background with a white elephant on it, and I'm going to paint their room white.
So this post is snoring gently.... Amy Coe mod baby linens.

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