Tuesday, July 30, 2013

summer {fleeting}

We've entered a countdown of sorts. Three weeks until school starts. Yesterday burst out clear and blue, and I took the two littlest to the lake for the day. The big girl is in her one camp of the summer. She is so thrilled because she got assigned an ipad for the week. It is a "maker" camp at the university center for creative technology, so she will be designing and building a musical instrument.

Today I need to wrap up the fall co-op schedule for my children's school and schedule the training sessions. While I don't want summer to go, I'm pretty excited about days in which all three of my kids go to school for the whole day. No, it isn't bittersweet for Ruby to go to Kindergarten. It is perfect. In fact, I'm chomping at the bit a little.

We need to fit in some camping between rainstorms in the next few weeks, have another swimming day and finish our math packets. We are thinking about camping at Natural Tunnel State Park.  With these delicious nights in the fifties I've been thinking about fall. I slept in a flannel shirt last night and opened the windows wide. Even on the cusp of August I see the fall.

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Sarah Moore Oliphant said...

I love your blog. Peaceful and wise and in harmony with the natural order of things.