Tuesday, July 02, 2013

at home

Have you heard that weeding is the new yoga?

 The Parisian Cucumbers are about to climb their willow trellis, and I think we are about to have our first tomatoes. I have seen a jalapeno, and the children have been loving fresh dill on potatoes.

The moonflowers and hyacinth beans are about to climb the fence, and I'm planting more sunflowers and zinnias. The arugula is coming out and more lettuce is being planted.

John, Michael, and Milko cut up most of the dead tree , and last years woodpile has been neatly stacked and added to. Blackberries are almost ready to be picked, and we'll fit in a trip to the berry farm this week for blueberries.

I think the littles will love these homemade hot dog buns.

Pretty soon I'm going to have to drive to Richmond for some KimKim Sauce.

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Tim Vidra said...

KimKim is the bomb here in #rva