Tuesday, July 30, 2013

garden notes

I have the garden that never really got started, so I move forward and keep planting. It has been so wet that the tomatoes are splitting and rotting, but we have lots of cherry tomatoes. Ruby rearranged all the labels on my little plants in the spring, so I have to guess at what is what. I do love Garden Peach, and the little tart stripey green ones. I'm going to save the seeds for the first time this year.

My spring kale is going on and on. I'm still cutting it to make that incredible salad---kale, one avocado, juice of one lime, and sea salt. Put it all in a bowl and squeeze until the avocado coats all the leaves. Throw anything that thrills you on top. Sliced tomatoes, toasted pumpkin seeds, or some chilled sesame broccoli. Put some brown rice under it and that is dinner.

We have little watermelons growing, and the moonflower vines have reached the top of the fence. I have a few kinds of hot peppers, and a bumper crop of sunflowers.

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