Wednesday, July 25, 2012

suddenly, we are five years older

We are headed out camp at a music festival this weekend, and this is a photo from the same festival five years ago. This is John at two years old and his friend Grace who lives in Oregon. They are flying out for the festival this year, and John and the big kids have our tents all set up. Ruby and I are leaving in the morning after we make the hummus. We are ready for lots of kids, dancing, playing, and sitting under the trees on top of a mountain.

I've spent the day getting ready to go. I"m making Korean baked tofu, sesame slaw with cilantro and green onions, roasted potatoes, pasta salad with olives, red peppers, sundried tomatoes, white beans, feta, and pesto dressing, and a pot of brown rice. I've packed wraps, bread, fruit, and cheeses. It always amazes me how much my children eat, and we are camping with at least three other kids.

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