Thursday, July 05, 2012


I'll never do a rain dance again.

Last Friday the kids and I went to the lake for the day with friends, but Ruby passed out on the beach around eleven in the morning.  I called an ambulance, but the lifeguards cooled her down quickly with shade, fans, ice packs, and iced water. The EMTs took all her vital signs and thought that she just needed shade and lots of liquids. I had a big cooler of iced water and a cold cut up watermelon, and we stayed up to our necks in the river. I was so wiped out from such a mama fright. Ruby is currently explaining  to everyone that she wasn't unconscious. The sun was in her eyes.

That night I was out among my tomatoes wishing for rain and started doing a rain dance.  What showed up were seventy five mile an hour winds with only a hint of rain. The power was out for the long haul, friday through thursday. On sunday night I took the kids to Richmond, and John stayed here to take care of the animals. Tidewater, Virginia is pretty much the hottest most humid place around these days, but my mother had power, running water, and the sweet, sweet air conditioning. We left there today, and my car themostat read 105 for quite a while. By six we were home, and it was 81. The kids enjoyed some fireworks in the driveway with their daddy tonight.  He had cleaned all the old food out of the fridge and cleaned the house, and it is good to be home.

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