Monday, July 16, 2012


My mama got a new hip, her second in three months. The littles and I are at her house in Tidewater Virginia being reacquainted with high temperatures and humidity. It is hard to breath or move, but the okra is growing mighty fine. Tomorrow night I'm making bhindi masala and cooking garlic naan on the grill.

My camera is in the mountains and I'm feeling odd about that. I want to take a picture of the okra I picked today on a wooden trencher.

I had a funny chicken experience today. I went over to our friend Ari's house to pick up my mama's milk from Saturday's farmer's market. I went in the gate and started talking to an especially pretty little hen. Bak. Bak Bak. Suddenly fifty chickens are coming at me expectantly, and about half of them are roosters. I looked them right in the eye and kept on about my business getting milk, eggs, and bacon from the freezer.

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