Monday, July 03, 2006


Just when I want to not have any more plastic toys in our world, I go out and buy the world's largest inflatable plastic sea turtle. I knew we would be playing in a pool here at the hotel, and I thought that John could ride in one of those inflatable baby seats if I were taking the kids to the pool alone. Well, I couldn't get one for him and not for her, so I let her pick one thing. It is big enough for her to nap on. I'm a two faced plastic buyer. I've always had a vision of a huge Mount Trashmore of Fisher Price plastic things discarded after the baby grew up, and now even I am contributing to the brightly colored plastic wasteland.

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renster said...

Sally I hope to see a picture of you with the plastic toys! C'mon, we know you want to play in the pool just as much as the kiddos.