Saturday, July 22, 2006

Goose Eggs All Around

I guess you can tell I've been doing more reading than writing. We've just been busy wrestling the little monkies. We had a wonderful week of playing with friends, going to the library, and trying to teach the baby the english language. He is quite amused with our attempts. Last night he said "dog". He is loving farm animal noises, and is trying out a grin so big that his nose wrinkles. He has a goose egg on his forehead from his attempt to climb the steps today, and Ella has a pretend goose egg just because she doesn't want to be left out. I also think that she likes to say goose egg.
Last night we picniced in Blacksburg and heard some bluegrass. This morning Ella and I strolled to the farmers market, and there was a band at the local coffeeshop. We sat in the floor and ate a box of blackberries before heading up the hill with nine little yellow squash in a bag.

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