Friday, July 14, 2006


house, originally uploaded by ellajohn.

If you would like to buy this house for 169K and be my neighbor please drop me a line. I'd make a stink and move in myself if I had the money or the strength. It is next to the prettiest house in town, and the guys on the other side look rednecky and harmless, and they could always fix your lawnmower if it broke. This house was built in 1876 and has four bedrooms, gas heat, and a two car gargage. It is a few blocks from Main Street and you could walk to the park, river, and the library. There is an awesome children's librarian there. You could walk with us to the coffee shop or to the natural foods store on the way to the playground. The schools are good here, but your kids may acquire a pretty unbelieveable drawl. You are going to need some rocking chairs for that porch. Lowe's is about two miles away.


styro said...

find me a job at the college down the street and i'm all over it. i think all the time of selling my house and moving to Varina.

Jape said...

Keeping our eyes open.