Monday, June 05, 2006

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Saturday was Ella's recital. It is hard to believe that she has been taking ballet for two years already. For me, the highlight of the show was her frustrated plea, "WE ARE GOING THE WRONG WAY!" The three strays then had to work their way into the whirling dervish of small pink tutus like rush hour on the Capitol beltway. Ella was thoughtful, theatrical, and understood the story. I thought that it was ambitious of her teacher to do Peter and the Wolf, and her efforts really paid off. We had lunch with John's parents after the recital and then headed east to my mom's house for THE BIG PARTY.
My month is offically over. I celebrated mother's day, my anniversary, and my fortieth birthday in the past few weeks. John and I are also celebrating the twentieth anniversary of the day we first met in Williamsburg, Virginia. The Garden Room of the Trellis Restaurant. He was vacuuming.
The party was great, and I'm hoping that people who haven't seen each other in years got a chance to recconect in a positive way. The spawn got a chance to run, play, catch snakes, and bughunt under the watchful eyes of some babysitters. We welcomed John Blease to the fray at nine weeks old. My brother brought me a violin and made me some delicious martinis, and his wife Shelly made beautiful lemon poundcake with strawberries and whipped cream. The food was so good that I had curried chicken salad and green beans for breakfast this morning.
After several cups of coffee we drove out to Goochland this morning to Cait's mom's farm, The Old Woman Farm. Ella held baby goats, fed the donkey, and looked for Liza Minelli the fancy chicken. She planted a field full of pumpkins, butternut squash, and melons.It was good to sit on her back deck and watch the golfinches and swallows. Her porch swing has a nice breeze and a Buddha-view.
So, I"m out here without a USB port or email, but the whipoorwill sings all night long.

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