Wednesday, June 14, 2006

ella's dreamspace

Ella is getting together with some school friends this summer to play, and when she went over to Isaac's house on monday she developped a major crush on his room. Now she loves him and his world. (He has the boy version without the tower) She had seen these at Imaginations, and now she has fully realized her dream bed. The most important part to her is the slide, and the play space under the curtains. I keep trying to make a clickable link, but apparently I have a learning disability. It is this.

She has this dream of bunks when her brother gets older. She also says that I "must" get Isaac a new guitar because his is "absolutely destroyed".


styro said...

Oh gosh, ONLY a thousand bucks. *sigh* the bed she has now is such a beautiful antique. That is the thing about being 4, I guess, huh?

Ellamama said...

No worries, she is keeping her big carved bed. She is four. I am thinking about a bunk idea for the future though. I could make curtains.