Thursday, June 01, 2006

Happy First Birthday Oya Baka Mama

I started this blog as a way to NOT send everyone I know tons of sappy soppy inbox clogging pictures of my children. In case you were ever wondering what "oya baka" means, it is a japanese phrase that literally means "parent stupid". Oya baka means loving your children so much that you have pretty much lost your mind and don't mind sharing it with others. I wish I had started this when Ella was born in Portland.

So, as I start this year of bloggy baby buggy bumpers, I think I'm going to try to actually write more. I probably need two blogs, one G rated and the other all ranty and R rated. Oh, and the R rated one needs to be know, my imaginary blog entitled "Mama Dropped the F-Bomb".

Summertime officially starts here at our house today. School is out and Ella's ballet recital is saturday morning. John' s folks are coming in tonight, and tomorrow night is the dress rehearsal. Ella and I are going to play Cinderella all day (As in clean up this house like crazy people). After the rehearsal we are headed to Richmond for a week.


Jape said...

Thanks for doing this love.

styro said...

I told you about my secret LJ where I bitch about EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN, right? I'll never tell anybody the URL because the whole point of it is that it is like my mental dumping ground. It is my bloggerrhea space.

I've had a blog since like 2002, it's crazy. It's gotten really dumb over the years, I think now it's turned into the crazy-anti-gubmint-moped-riding-lady weblog. Whatevs.

Can't wait to see you for your birthday.