Tuesday, July 08, 2014

back porch breakfasts

I've had Vitamix envy for a year now. After my birthday I finally splurged on a refurbished one offered by Groupon. It has the same five year warranty as a new one, and I think the whole family is enjoying that we are whirling around in there every day. Sweet, fruity, and icy are no big deal, but I've been reading some recipes and making some green drinks (and burgundy drinks) for breakfast every day. I love the crazy healthy ones, so I pretty much drink an amazing salad every morning. The red one up top is beet, blueberry, dandelion, and cucumber, and the green one is pink grapefruit with spinach and mint. I throw in four or five ice cubes and it is a cold treat after my morning dog walk. I'm going to say something crazy. I could give up coffee.

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