Sunday, October 20, 2013

thrift store chest of drawers chicken coop

I have three six week old chickens in my utility room, and it is time for them to head outside. My big chickens are molting and grumpy and would give them a hard time, so I made them a little coop of their own. I have two fenced runs right next to each other so they can get to know each other for a while.

I saw one of these coops on Pinterest and got an old dresser at Goodwill. The ladder and the roosts are made out of the wood from the drawers. I shingled the top and painted it red. The bottom drawer is left intact for easy pull out cleaning.


Huckleberry Stew said...

Are there nesting boxes in there, somehow? Water?

Ellamama said...

There aren't any nesting boxes. I used this for some new chickens that I wanted to separate from my older ladies, so it was temporary for me. After a while I let all the chickens mix together and a few did lay in the bottom of this coop. It is easy to keep the litter fresh by pulling out the bottom drawer. You could add a nesting box, available at Tractor supply already made, by cutting a square out of the back of the dresser and screwing it on.

I have chicken waterers outside the coops.

Ellamama said...

Coop Update: As cute as this it, it didn't last. I just hauled it do the dump. If you make something like this you really need to seal the wood. It was a very cheap chest of drawers---perhaps something more substantial would work better. That being said, it is the cutest thing EVAR if you want find a way to waterproof it.

Right now I'm adding an ONDURON red roof to my big chicken house and wondering what I'll use next time I raise baby chicks.