Sunday, July 22, 2007


The corn pudding was perfect. Imagine, if I'd only remembered to put in the basil. Luckily, twenty four more ears are showing up on tuesday. I know, I'm a little overenthusiastic about vegetables. For those of you who thought the pudding recipe a bit rich, remember that we only eat vegetables. That pudding was our steak, so four eggs and a cup of half and half goes quite a ways. I sometimes eat meat in restaurants, but at home we are pretty much bean eaters. Daddy is a full time vegetarian; the children and I dabble in country ham while visiting southern relations. We eat fish, but we are far from the sea and a bit frugal. Anyway, I served the pudding with bean burritos and a salad plate of sliced tomatoes, vidalia onions, and chopped cilantro. Bigs and littles all ate heartily.

I just watched Lost in Translation. I'm having trouble getting to bed at a reasonable hour this summer. I'm seven minutes past the witching hour of midnight. The mornings come fast and furious. Ella has swimming lessons tomorrow, so I'm taking John to work. Little John is walking on his foot again, but sometimes he has a bit of a limp. It seems to improve throughout the day. Last night it was hurting him in the night. I have been massaging his foot and lower leg, but it is centered between his toes and his heel.

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