Thursday, May 04, 2006

Uber Story Hour

Mrs Judy does the best story hour we have ever been too. Almost elderly, one would expect her presentation to be sedate, but she is remarkable. Last week her stories were about cooking and washing, and what were the children doing as she was walking around the room book held high---making dough out of flour and water. Then there were animals covered in dough, and then the dough was washed off in a huge tub of water. She can read three or four books, engage the children in a puppet show, and do a craft project in a little more than a half hour.

WhenI asked about children's books about Peter and the Wolf the librarian immediately found three versions and ran to pull them off the shelf. She also went to get the CD from another part of the library. We live in a small town, but these people have a seemingly genuine passion for children and their jobs. The Peter and the Wolf CD has been a big hit. We play it during bathtime and talk about the instruments and the characters. E is a bird in her ballet program this year, the flute. The practice yesterday was a hoot. Getting ten four year olds to focus simultaneously is not Miss Michelle's forte. Maybe she should call in Mrs. Judy.

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