Monday, May 22, 2006

A tree fell in the woods....

...right where my husband and child had been crouching five minutes before. A big tree with a big cracking sound. Everyone was fine, but of course I'm wondering about the nature of random things. Was that my warning, my get out of jail free card, a wake up call? Cracking trees are loud, and you don't really know which way to run. Trees fall down all the time, but never that close to me.

Back to the good stuff. We had a great weekend with Cait. The weather was phenomenal, and we walked to the river and the playground. We showed Cait our two block long downtown and our new house. Sunday afternoon we tackled the maple tree of our discontent in the front yard. John and I have been talking about whether it should stay or go since we moved in, and now after an afternoon's work and the help of a neighbor with a chainsaw it is gone. We did some planting and changed the house numbers on the front of the house. This weekend warrior stuff is hard work.

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