Thursday, January 30, 2014

in the new year

Things have been pretty quiet around here. A friend of mine closed her blog at the end of the year, and that seemed like a novel idea. Then someone stole a few old pictures from this blog and used them on a CafeMom message board. She used some pictures of John, and then told all the people on her board that her baby had died. She had a huge community of women very upset. Luckily, a few of them were savvy enough to see through some of her story and did some investigating on their own, and they were very happy to learn that that little baby is eight years old now and doing just fine.

Christmas did me in a little.

So I gave it a month.

Here I am, taking pictures this morning of the nearly one hour process to make a cup of coffee. The power went off right after I finished making the kid's lunches. I took them to school, and it was up to five degrees by the time I got home. That fire did not want to get going, and we have been challenged by some gorgeous yet perhaps not seasoned oak. It looks like we are at the tail end of some cold weeks, but we are going to need more wood if we are going to make it through April.

April sounds good.

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donnav said...

Freaky! Perhaps you should start watermarking your photos. You make a power outage and green fire wood look like such a lovely scene.