Wednesday, August 28, 2013


I got a cold right at the very moment that I would have felt liberated by having three kids in school all day, but this time of year really is the mama's new year. I've attended (and led) a whole lot of meetings. The children have indoor shoes and outdoor shoes and have coordinated when and where to change those shoes. Various color coded notebooks are coming home and returning to school with a certain amount of accuracy, and Miss Middle School has learned how to apply mascara and has requested a ringlet curling iron. This morning she abandoned those thoughts and went on a bike ride before school. John is starting violin lessons and Ella is taking guitar. It all continues to settle in.

 I'm taking a yoga and photography class online, and last week I went to a yoga class taught by a friend. I'm going back tomorrow.

There are new chicks in the utility room.

The house is blissfully quiet, at least for one more hour.

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