Wednesday, September 12, 2012

lake's chickens

This is Lake Long Smith, and I would guess this is from the fifties. That is our back porch, the original front of the first house. I love that there was a chicken picture. The family also had horses, pigs, cows, and horses, and there was a working blacksmith shop on the property. Lake kept a large garden and the family had an orchard. It was said that she fed her own family as well as "all the poor people in the the county".


Sarah Moore Oliphant said...

I love these pictures and the history you are discovering and treasuring. Your family is continuing the legacy.

Mama Smith said...

Wonderful that you have pictures of your home's history. I grew up in a farmhouse from the 1800's and treasure the photos of it's early days.

Just found your blog and look forward to exploring it, Lilly