Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Fast Forward

May 14 :: June 4 by oyabakamama
May 14 :: June 4, a photo by oyabakamama on Flickr.
From tiny baby chickies to big teenagers in a mere three weeks. This week has been dedicated to getting these girls into their coop. We have been digging and putting up posts, stretching fencing, and making more trips to Lowes than I ever imagined. The kids and I took the girls out to their newly fenced run to let them take a look around, and they promptly ducked their heads and walked right through the fencing. It is that two by four fencing that will hold them well when they are a bit bigger. I may own my own fencing pliers, but I don't really know what I'm doing. One more trip to Lowes for forty feet of hardware cloth, and we'll try that one more time. We did dig a trench and put in a cement shield against digging predators. The top will be covered with poultry netting. I still want to put a metal roof on my coop, but hopefully by the weekend the utility room will be liberated.

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