Sunday, April 01, 2012

a door closed

We closed on our old house yesterday. I know. We took a huge risk, found out it was an even bigger risk, and then some very brave people bought our house. They first looked at our house on October 8. They are taking on a big project, but it is one that they will probably turn a profit on, and I wish them godspeed, but we are blissfully done.

I haven't even wanted to talk about it just in case it didn't happen. But it did. Today we finished the first mowing of our little 2.25 acres. It seems much bigger when you are mowing it. Hopefully we will get a bigger lawnmower soon, but this is building muscles and character.

I ordered a chicken coop that will arrive next week. It is big enough for ten chickens. The kids have a list on names on the refridgerator. Ella wants to have a rooster named Ra, but we are hoping for just hens. I think we will have chicks by the end of the week.

Peonies and poppies are getting taller, and the weeds are running rampant.

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deb did it said...

oh I can relate to this. We finally placed our historic home on the market last month and my heart racked wide open.