Monday, March 19, 2012

spring reveals

grape hyacinths by oyabakamama
grape hyacinths, a photo by oyabakamama on Flickr.

We moved into this house in the middle of winter. We could see the shape of the vegetable garden and some flower borders, but now March reveals borders from many years ago. Across the front of the front yard is a long row of daffadils, tulips, and bluebells coming up and blooming in the grass. In the side yard is a wide patch of grape hyacinths. The girls can't stay out of them, and I have several bouquets in the my kitchen window. I think there are peonies coming up in the front yard.

The man down the road at the Christmas tree farm told me that a woman named Lake used to live here and that she was a wonderful gardener who grew all kinds of flowers and vegetables. Maybe there are Lake's hyacinths, and she planted them in front of the root cellar at the house her grandfather built in 1876.

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Sarah Moore Oliphant said...

What wonderful surprises!