Sunday, September 18, 2011


self by ellajohn
self, a photo by ellajohn on Flickr.

Ok, so pretty soon I might be back to the daily narrative, but I've been taking this photography class and it has taken over my evenings after the children have gone to bed. I'm smitten with layering one picture of top of another. I've even finally read the owner's manual for my camera, so watch out.

Our house still hasn't sold. I know that three months is nothing in today's market. We have to keep it up until Thanksgiving, but then we'll take a break for a while and ride it out until early spring. I was so sure that I wouldn't be spending this year in the car, so sure that we wouldn't spend another Christmas here. By the way, Ella called me into the bathroom the other day to let me know that she knew I was Santa Claus.

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